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With the technological growth and new market tendencies, our technical and engineering teams have developed a machine thinking of the customer’s convenience, production efficiency and high quality of the final product.

Combining velocity, quality and practical operation, AMFTEK presents the ALX-S Series, capable to running in the packaging of the most diverse products. The machine is of easy operation and low operational cost, providing maximized automation, with quick return of the  investment.


FINAME Code:  3266885

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General information of the machine **

*All features can be adapted according to customer’s requirements.

With focus on packaging certain types of explosives into flexible films, you will reach a final cylindrical cartridge, with a wire clip on each end.
As a versatile equipment, it allows the packaging of diverse types of products, such as:



  • Gas Emulsion;

  • Sensibilized Emulsion with GMB;

  • ANFO;

  • WatterGel;

  • Slurry;

  • Viscuous and Semi-viscuous Products.


  • Motors with high protection grade;

  • Sensors with intrinsec protection;

  • HMI 10” touch, with high resolution;

  • PLC with download via SD;

  • Easy tool switching;

  • Switch of clipping tables within 15 minutes;;

  • Pneumatic clipping;

  • Possible utilization of high resistance wires, allowing the cartridges to be used in DROP TESTS;;

  • Diverse options of connection to the process;

  • Control flow of the product pump included*;

  • Control flow of the nitrite pump included*;

  • Power supply according to customer’s site;

  • Possibility of screw feeding, allowing usage for ANFO production;


*Fuction available on the CLP software. Field devices must be requested apart by the customer;

We are open to discuss and implement new features on the equipment, responding to customers’ needs. Contact us!



Granulado selador dos cartuchos

Focused on a dynamic manufacturing of packaging machines which enhances the value of the final products, we have available clipping heads capable of producing the most diverse range of cartridge sizes.

  • CH1  - Maximum production speed at 120 CPM, providing cartridges with diameter range from 22 through 65mm - small size clips;

  • CH2  - Maximum production speed at 90 CPM, providing cartridges with diameter range from 25 through 100mm - medium size clips;

  • CH3  - Maximum production speed at 50 CPM, providing cartridges with diameter range from 80 through 150mm - large size clips

      *Other sizes per customer’s request

For additional information on films, resins and wire, please contact our suppliers through one the below options. 

Manoj K Sharma

Baroda Packaging
         +91 22 67031888 

         Ext: 207 |  +91 9223231145 



Massimo Bortootti

Global Segment Manager - Explosives

Nieuwmoersesteenweg, 145 / B-2910

Essen - Belgium
         +32 3 670 07 30 | +32 3 667 35 59




AMFTEK provides the customers with a variety of accessories, available to fulfill the needs of each of our customers.

Check it out!


Equipment with pneumatic activation and easy replacement, produced to provide with various cartridge sizes, that vary according to the size of the clipping table


Dynamic mixer for emulsion and nitrite mixing.
Comprised of balanced rotor, double mechanical seal and oil lubrication.
Its mixing capacity may vary from 100 through 100 kg/min.
This equipment allows to run the size of the micelles adequately.
Equipped with safety devices connected to the CLP of the machine


Set used to provide the final format of the packaging and help filling. Produced in diverse sizes to better fulfill the customer’s needs.


Esteira reponsável pelo transporte e retirada dos pacotes ou cartuchos até a esteira de resfriamento, ou outro lugar designado pelo cliente.  

Por ser um  equipamento versátil e de fácil adaptação, pode ser empregado para os mais diversos produtos e embalagens.


Devices with protection system connected to the CLP of the cartridge machine.
These devices turn the machine off in case of abnormalities during the operation.
Provided with filters, pressure transducers and temperature control.
Its main focus is to enhance the level of protection of the pumping of the product for the cartridge machines


Comprises of an inclined feeder, used for the feeding of the machine and its processes. Its main feature is the flexibility of providing straight and inclined parts in one same device and motorization, allowing its usage in the most diverse applications.


Set for the dosing of the products.
It can be supplied according to the production capacity of the cartridge machine.
Comprised of emulsion dosing pump and nitrite pump, both with piping, and deviation valves. The nitrite pump can also be supplied with flowmeter.


Equipment used for the lubrication of the wire and other inner pieces of the clipping head.

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