Within the automation industry, AMFTEK counts on the most advanced equipment and resources to provide customers with convenience and quality services.

Here we share with our customers the main tools used for providing you the best in machines and equipment.

Universal milling machines and machining center

The universal milling machines are robust, of continuous movement designed to shape materials and surfaces of parts.
The milling centres are mainly for obtaining parts through computerized numerical control, with other features such as precision and repeatability of the parts.


Mechanical lathes and CNC’s

The mechanical lathes are basically machines that allow to process parts in geometrical shapes.
CNC lathes are machines similar to conventional lathes, but equipped with computerized numerical control. Among its main features we can list high precision and repeatability of the produced parts.

Mechanical projects

Projecting consists of building a plan to either meet the customers' specific needs, or solving a problem.
At AMFTEK, or project designers plan and develop machine projects either simple or highly customized, mechanisms, tooling and devices for mechanical manufacturing.

Maintenance technicians

Qualified professionals, dedicated to planning, applying and controlling procedures for assembly and mechanical maintenance of machines and equipment; also responsible for diagnosing, installing, preventive & corrective maintenances of systems, machines and equipment. Besides, development of manufacturing processes and general assemblies.

Customer Service

Professionals in charge of customer service, clearing doubts and providing information. They are trained to identify our customers’s needs, register their demands and proactively interact in clearing any existing doubt or offering suggestions.


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